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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. PesaZetu is a limited liability company registered in Kenya with registration number CPR/2015/179540.
You can find more about our founding team and their experience.
PesaZetu is a marketplace. We do not lend money. We do not take deposits. PesaZetu has engaged with and will continue to engage with Kenyan regulatory authorities, such as the Central Bank of Kenya. We are committed to operating in accordance with the laws of Kenya at all times..
We are currently in a beta or pilot phase where we are rigorously testing our systems with a limited number of Kenyan borrowers.
PesaZetu analyses a number of data points about a borrower to develop a predictive assessment of a borrower’s creditworthiness. Through our relationship with Transunion we can check verify a borrower’s national identification in real time with the Government of Kenya database. We can also check to see a borrower’s prior borrowing history (assuming they have borrowed from a bank or MFI which will not always be the case). We also collect lots of information and data sets from borrower’s which allow us to develop a very accurate picture of a borrower’s ability to repay.
No. PesaZetu does not guarantee a lender’s loan.
We are a marketplace where we Kenyan lenders can lend to rigorously vetted Kenyan borrowers. PesaZetu provides lenders with an assessment of a borrower’s risk and manages all aspects of loans between lenders and borrowers, that includes disbursing loans, collecting loans, disbursing repayments, and maintaining an accurate record of all your prior loans.
There are two ways of lending on PesaZetu. You can lend directly, that is where you select your borrowers and how much to contribute to their loans. Or you can set up your profile to enable PesaZetu to lend based on your risk preferences. You can find out more here.
Yes and Yes. We do not believe in no-interest loans. Nor do our Kenyan lenders. Think about how much you earn by depositing money in a bank. Then think how much it costs to borrow money from that same bank. Someone is making a lot of money. PesaZetu believes that that value can and should flow straight through to Kenyans. We believe that Kenyans will earn more on PesaZetu than they would with a bank. We believe borrowers can obtain fairer terms by borrowing from their fellow Kenyans than they can from a variety of more traditional sources.

Think about this: Kariuki can earn between 2-6% a year by saving his money through his mobile phone. But when he wants to borrow money through his mobile phone he has to pay 7.5% a month. What about if Kariuki loaned his money to a fellow Kenyan, Titus for 6% a month. Kariuki would earn in a month from Titus what would take him a year to earn through his mobile phone. And Titus can borrow money more cheaply than he could before from his mobile phone. It’s our money.
First, we take several very important steps to ensure that only responsible borrowers are accepted on the PesaZetu marketplace. This minimizes the risk of borrowers not repaying. This includes steps such a s verifying a borrower’s identity in reltime and checking to see their prior borrowing history.

If a borrower does not repay we follow up on behalf of his/her lenders with calls and reminders to ensure your loan is repaid.

We will also expect to have the ability to report bad borrowers to credit bureaus, which is a significant incentive to repayment. This is known as “blacklisting”. We do not like the term but borrowers have to be responsible and understand that they cannot borrow from their fellow Kenyans and not repay.

The flip side of this is that we will also report positive repayers allowing them to build a financial footprint and access further finance by repaying their PesaZetu loans on time.

As summarized above PesaZetu provides the following services to its borrowers and lenders:

  1. We check and verify a borrower’s national ID in real time;
  2. We check and verify a borrower’s prior borrowing history in real time;
  3. We assess any other data provided to us by a borrower, for example, their mobile phone or mobile money usage;
  4. We manage all aspects of loans, the funding of loans, and calculation of interest;
  5. We disburse and remit funds to borrowers and lenders via m-pesa;
  6. We remind borrowers of the amounts that they owe by SMS and through our call centre.

We share risk and split interest straight down the middle with our lenders. So if a borrower borrows at 6% per month, for example, our lender earns 3% and we earn 3%.

We don’t earn fees if a lender does not earn interest. This ensures our interests are always aligned with our PesaZetu community.

The only other fee we currently charge is applied when a lender withdraws funds from their PesaZetu account. This fee is Kes 33. We earn no money on this fee as it represents our costs.

If a borrower is late in repaying us an additional late fee of 10% of the principal amount to be repaid is charged to the borrower.

Here is an example:

  • Sarah repays Kes 400 on her weekly instalment of Kes 550.
  • Of the Kes 550 weekly repayment Kes 50 is interest and Kes 500 is a repayment of the loan.
  • Kes 50 of Sarah’s repayment will pay off interest.
  • Kes 350 will then be applied to Sarah’s principal of Kes 500.
  • Sarah will therefore have Kes 150 of her loan outstanding after her repayment of Kes 400.
  • Unfortunately Sarah will be charged a late payment fee of 10% of Kes 150, WHICH IS Kes 15.

Yes. Borrowers are contractually bound to repay their loans under a loan agreement enforceable in Kenya and governed under the laws of the Republic of Kenya.

That said, lenders need to be fully aware that loans are not secured and that it may not be cost effective to initiate legal proceedings against a borrower over an unpaid small loan. PesaZetu takes every effort to ensure that lenders funds are repaid in full and with interest.

We are currently piloting 3 loan products for 28 day loans. Interest rates for borrowers vary from 6% to 10%.

Borrowers are charged a fee of 10% of outstanding loan principal on amounts not paid on schedule and on a weekly basis.

Every 7 days for 28 days
  1. Go to your M-pesa menu and scroll down to "Lipa na M-pesa"
  2. Select "PayBill"
  3. Select Business Number and enter 531304
  4. Select Account Number and leave it empty
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit in your PZ wallet
  6. Enter your M-pesa PIN and send
  7. You will get an SMS confirmation that the funds have been deposited in your PesaZetu wallet
Please note that you will be charged your usual mpesa remittance fees to send money to us.
  1. Go to your M-pesa menu and scroll down to "Lipa na M-pesa"
  2. Select "PayBill"
  3. Select Business Number and enter 531304
  4. Select Account Number and leave it empty
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit in your PZ wallet
  6. Enter your M-pesa PIN and send
  7. You will get an SMS confirmation that the funds have been deposited in your PesaZetu wallet
Please note that you will be charged your usual mpesa remittance fees to send money to us.

A pledge to a loan is a commitment by a lender to fund a particular loan.

Let’s say Beatrice has a loan approved for Kes 5,000. Beatrice’s loan is posted onto PesaZetu. Patrick is a lender on PesaZetu and sees Beatrice’s loan. Patrick has loaned money to Beatrice before and she has always repaid in full and on time. Patrick therefore pledges Kes 2,000 to Beatrice’s new loan. He is committing to lend Beatrice Kes 2,000. In order for Beatrice to receive her loan it needs to be fully funded by lenders, that is another Kes 3,000 will need to be pledged. If lenders in addition to Patrick provide another Kes 3,000 to Beatrice she will receive her loan directly to her mpesa account. If not, Patrick and any others who have pledged will have their funds returned to them.

No. We aim to have your loan funded and disbursed in a 2-3 day period. We review loan requests in a matter of minutes for you to approve. Once a loan is approved it is posted to the PesaZetu marketplace for lenders to fund. Once your loan has been fully funded by lenders it is disbursed.

In some circumstances PesaZetu may hold a lender or borrower’s funds for short periods of time. Those funds are never commingled with PesaZetufunds, they are always held separately. Also, PesaZetu does not earn interest on such funds.

Lender: If you are a lender you can access all details about your current and passed loans together with your statements on We call this part of the site your lender dashboard? You can access your lender dashboard with your user name and password. We also send you email confirmations throughout your loan cycles.

Borrower: Borrowers can also access all their loan details on their dashboard which they also access with a user name and password.

We also send our borrowers regular reminders by SMS before their loan instalments are due as we understand that many of our borrowers do not always have easy access to the internet.

No. However should a lender wish to initiate proceedings against a borrower they will have a copy of their contract which will contain certain borrower details.

Yes. Online peer to peer or marketplace lending started in about 2005 in the United Kingdom and the United States. Today there are marketplaces in most parts of the developed world and many parts of the developing world.

We think Kenya is ideally suited for peer to peer lending, albeit adapted for Kenyan conditions.

Pesazetu is working with best in class partners to ensure that lenders and borrowers data is held securely at all times.

We will guarantee any losses that a lender or a borrower’s suffers as a result of any system omissions or errors on PesaZetu.

We are in the process of developing our privacy policies. Our objective is to protect the privacy of our lenders and borrowers at all times whilst putting in place frameworks that allow us to report positive and negative borrowers in accordance with Kenyan law and regulations.

We can be contacted by email at or between 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Mondatys through Fridays on 0713632772/0711126506. If our call centre agents cannot answer your question immediately we will call you back with a response as soon as possible.